PetraPuppets - Money Math Mania

STEM = Fun!

Interactive Elementary School Assembly Program
Featuring Steve and The Brain
Created for grades 3, 4, 5 & 6
Younger version available only if booked the same day

PetraPUppets - Money Math Mania
PetraPUppets - Money Math Mania
PetraPuppets - Money Math Mania


Segments Include:

The History of Money
Dimes and Decimals
Save or Spend
Equivalent Fractions
Credit Cards and Percent
Who's Got My Head?

Ventriloquist Steve Petra brings kids up on stage to interact with The Math Maniacs - a cast of wild characters including The Brain, Fractionstein, Captain Littlehead and the Loan Shark. Other topics include: awareness of the numerical value of coins and paper currency, place values, budget and interest. Life Skills. Perfect for STEM.

Money Math Mania was created for the older grades and covers grade appropriate math concepts. We also have a younger version of the show (available if booked the same day) with grade appropriate content. We strongly recommend that you book the older and the younger versions of the show and separate the grades.

PetraPuppets - Money Math Mania
PetraPuppets - Money Math Mania
PetraPuppets - Money Math Mania

The show features audience participation, illusions, original songs and music. Ask for the Teacher's Guide. BOCES assisted.


We are located on Long Island, New York.
Out of our area? Grab the rest of your district for a discounted block booking.

City areas please note: we will only perform in schools with guaranteed off-street parking.